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Mialisia Jewelry

Mialisia VersaStyle™ jewelry allows you to customize your pieces in hundreds of different ways. Eliminate the hassle and limitation of traditional jewelry by discovering your own VersaStyle! Build a personalized locket that shows off your style and tells your story.

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What Exactly is Vegan?

There are so many different phrases and slang terms that are used to describe a healthier lifestyle that often it is virtually impossible to determine exactly what Vegan is and what it is not. In order to fully understand something

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Can a Fitness Tracker Help You to Lose Weight?

Can a Fitness Tracker Help You to Lose Weight? Fitness Trackers are all the rage right now, with devices from companies like Fitbit selling in huge numbers and being pretty ubiquitous. Wearing a Fitbit is as much a fashion statement

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Certified Organic Turmeric

Today, many herbal supplements on the market are low-grade and developed using non-organic sources. This reduces the antioxidant capacity that many traditional herbal supplements are known for. Youngevity’s groundbreaking approach to delivering high-quality turmeric is finally here! Pürmeric Youngevity’s latest

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Benefits to Eating Vegan

With a large number of people being swept up into the ideas of a greener lifestyle it is no wonder that many people are turning Vegan as well. For the vast majority of people a Vegan lifestyle is aligned to

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Carb Backloading … What do you mean?

A Useful Method for Losing Weight: Carb Backloading There are many different schools of thought when it comes to losing weight and there are many different systems, diet plans and strategies that claim to be the most effective in the

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Reducing The Impact Stress Has On Your Life

Hands-on Strategies For Reducing The Impact Stress Has On Your Life Stress is something that we all have to deal with. For some it is what they associate with work, or raising their children, or meeting deadlines, or even just

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Best Cooking Tips for Vegetables

Best Cooking Tips for Vegetables As someone who grows their own fruit and vegetables my cooking methods are rather particular. The quality of food is essential for good health so preparation must be done to protect the enzymes and flavonoids

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Constant Ringing Ears

Whats Behind Constant Ringing Ears Do you have constant ringing ears? Or maybe your ears aren’t ringing but you hear humming, buzzing or beeping instead? Whatever you are hearing, it’s likely that it is caused by a condition referred to

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