5 Natural Ways to Alleviate Tension

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How we live our lives today is so much different than 20 or 30 years ago. Even though we’re technologically advanced, we’ve also been carrying the burden of being alert and ready 24/7. We have everything at our fingertips. You open your laptop or smartphone and the whole world is at your disposal. Unfortunately, it’s

Beginning Your Fitness Walking Program


Walking is one of the most popular forms of physical fitness. More people than ever before are now walking. Walking provides us with many benefits including great exercise, savings on fuel, less highway congestion, less pollution and a great way to lose weight. If you’re just starting your walking fitness program, there are certain tips

9 Foods that prevent Strokes

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by Scott Davis Academic researchers have found two minerals to be particularly effective at reducing the risk of stroke. These are especially powerful at reducing this risk for people who struggle with high blood pressure. There are nine tasty and cost-effective foods that contain high amounts of these minerals, and you can easily build into