Why Coconut Oil?

Jake Carney, Founder The Alternative Daily Each day, it seems, that more and more conclusive evidence about the positive effects of one of the most versatile and nutrient-dense super-foods known to man-kind is published. In addition to this, I am ecstatic that we can bring you even more PROOF that this “Tropical Treasure” has been shown to help … Read more

Eating And Exercise

Anytime you exercise, you do so in order to try and maintain good health. You also know that you have to eat as well, so your body will have the energy it needs to exercise and maintain for the everyday tasks of life. For making the best of your exercise, what you eat before and … Read more

What Supplements Are Really Useful For Your Body

Vitamins and supplements can be really useful for your body and your health. But which supplements do you really need? Understanding what different supplements are used for can help you chose the best ones for you. Multivitamin In theory, you should get all the nutrition you need from the food you eat. But many foods … Read more

Four Unhealthy “Healthy Oils”

The Four Unhealthy “Healthy Oils” You Should Never Consume! Decades ago when food processing first began, it became regular practice to alter that which nature provided. Thus began the era of “frankenfoods.” Whole, nutritious natural foods that mostly came straight from the farm to the table were replaced by over-processed, refined and chemical laden, mass-produced convenience … Read more

What is a fitness tracker?

Technological advancement has given rise to many smart applications that not only improve efficiency but also make tracking and monitoring of different activities easier. It’s always important to monitor your progress as far as your health and fitness regimen is concerned. A fitness tracker is therefore that application or device used in tracking and monitoring … Read more