How To Firm Neck And Throat With Facial Exercises

Over time facial muscles lose elasticity creating wrinkles and age your appearance.

Throat and neck muscles show age faster than the muscles on the face making it more challenging to treat those areas.

Many people will have expensive and painful facelift surgeries to reduce the sagging areas.

For a cheap and pain-free facelift, you can perform regular stretches and facial exercises targeting the areas.

Here are the facial exercises to help tone the neck and throat areas of your face.

Sit on the floor with your legs folded comfortably.

Keeping your spine straight, tilt your head slowly backward.

Hold this position for the count of ten.

Return your head to the upright position.

Repeat this for five sets.

You can feel the stretching in the jawline.

While in the same position, relax your shoulders look straight ahead.

Slowly turn your head to the right so your chin is even with your shoulder.

Hold this for the count of five.

Return to facing forward.

Slowly turn your head to the left so your chin is even with your left shoulder.

Hold for the count of five.

Return to facing forward.

Repeat this for three sets on both sides.

In the same position, keep your head facing forward and keep your shoulders relaxed.

Tilt your neck to the right side.

Hold for the count of five.

Do this to the left side.

Do this for both sides for three sets.

You will feel the stretch in the neck areas.

While still on the floor, switch to the position of being on your hands and knees.

Drop your head towards the floor keeping your neck, spine, and elbows straight.

Inhale slowly.

As you exhale slowly, curve your back downward while lifting your head upwards.

Repeat these five sets.

Sitting on the floor in a comfortable position face forward.

Tilt your head backward slowly.

Move your jaw up and down.

Hold this position for the count of ten.

Return to facing forward.

Do this for three sets.

Use these exercises to tone and tighten the muscles in your neck and throat.

Do them every day to build stronger muscles to create a younger appearance.

You will see results with a few weeks when you are dedicated to performing the exercise daily.

To help increase the enjoyment of these exercises, add soothing music and burn incense or candles.

The calming effects of the aroma will add to the calming effects to your mind and spirit.

When your body and mind are calm, you receive a higher level of benefits from all exercise.

Think of the health benefits the exercises and the calmness will provide you.

You will feel younger the more you take care of yourself.