8 Natural Ways To Relieve Stress


8 Natural Ways To Relieve Stress

Before you decide to travel to your nearest pharmacist, can I suggest that you first try these methods as they deal with stress in a very simple manner?

There are remedies that are much more naturally inclined that can be used.

These exercises should be part of your plan to find natural ways to relieve stress.

1.Deep controlled breathing can help.

Sit comfortable and inhale through the nose concentrating on contracting your stomach muscles.

2.Another form of relaxation is Progressive Relaxation.

This combines breathing exercises with the slow contraction of body muscles.

Work through each body muscle group from the toes to your chest, flexing each one and releasing the tension as you exhale.

3.Meditation will unite the body and mind so this is an important step.

Occupy your mind with a pleasing memory or image; close your eyes and focus on that thought.

Become wrapped in it and feel the joy of that moment.

Ensure that you are not disturbed so this will be needed to be conducted at home.

4.Exercise benefits the mind as well as the body.

Perform some cardiovascular exercise each week, twice a week for 50 minutes as this is one of the strongest natural ways to relieve stress.

Your local fitness centre will be able to advise you on the best routine.

5.Where exercise is concerned,

It can be augmented with some simple applications each day.

Try walking up the stairs at home two steps at a time.

Try out some further ways to push the body somewhat each day like taking the stairwell and not the escalator.

6.Yoga is great for settling the mind,

Placing you at ease, and promoting mental and spiritual enlightenment.

The postures taught at a Yoga class help to bring balance to your system.

7.Another fitness option is Aerobics

This will nurture your physical fitness in the same way as yoga.

It depends on your interests; aerobics can be a more vigorous training exercise.

8.Tai Chi

This involves a series of gentle movements that enable you to feel more relaxed and maintain a higher level of concentration.

This again calms the mind, and therefore reduces stress.

It’s important to slow the stress duration by taking your mind away from the area of stress.

These natural ways to relieve stress relax the mind and body.

There is no real pattern as to when you should carry out the exercises though I would say at least once a week.

In turn, this promotes peace within yourself and a generally more productive YOU.


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