How to Choose Essential Oils


How to Choose Essential Oils

When you decide to use essential oils to help

your mood, stress, or physical illness

it is hard to decide from the many available products which one is right for you.

Essential oils come in a variety of scents and fragrances

and the different extracts act on different components.

Some help your mental fatigue,

others relieve stress,

and others can be used as topical creams that help you alleviate scars or acne.

The first thing to do when choosing an essential oil

is to inhale the fragrance.

Some scents are very pungent,

others are citrus,

and others have a flowery smell.

If any of these scents bother you,

then the essential oil will not help with the relaxing effects.

Make sure to be familiar with the fragrance before you make your purchase.

When testing the scent,

make sure to keep it a few inches away if it is not diluted.

Undiluted essential oils can give you a headache.

When testing scents,

make sure to take a break from the testing.

Do not continually inhale too many fragrances

or they will ultimately cause you to get dizzy or give you a headache.

You also may not be able to distinguish

between the scents after saturating your senses.

Avoid buying essential oils that do not have a variety of prices.

You may ask why that is important.

Some essential oils are rare and expensive.

If a company is selling essential oils at a consistent price,

the chances are that the more expensive oils are not authentic.

They may also have been distilled with cheaper methods

that leave some of the by-products in the packaging.

If you are sensitive to oily solvents,

then avoid using essential oils that are diluted with vegetable oil.

Although this is a recommended way to dilute the extracts,

it leaves an oily residue behind.

To test if an essential oil has been diluted this way,

place a tiny drop on a piece of paper.

If it leaves behind a residue as the drop slides off the paper

then it has likely been diluted with vegetable oil.

When shopping for bottles,

use manufacturers that list the Latin name on the bottle.

This leaves no confusion on the actual extract that is contained in the bottle.

Some extracts are closely related to the common names that we know,

so they are falsely advertised as the real thing.

Also, take note of the country.

Some essential oils come from exotic places such as Africa

while others are native to France.

This will give you an idea if it is authentic as well.

The best essential oils are pure.

Some companies sell synthetic essential oils which can be dangerous.

Synthetic oils do not contain the therapeutic effects that pure essential oils contain.

Also, synthetic oils can cause allergies or painful headaches.

Choose pure essential oils over synthetic essential oils.

Aromatherapy experts prefer pure oils,

saying that synthetic oils do not have

the same therapeutic properties as pure essential oils.

Also, synthetic oils are thought to cause more headaches and allergic reactions.

Containers used to keep essential oils should be dark or navy blue.

Clear bottles allow sunlight to enter the oils

and they can spoil the extracts more quickly.

Make sure to keep extracts out of sunlight and in a dry, cool place.

Depending on your needs,

you should carefully choose which essential oil is best for you.

Essential oils can be used in aromatherapy

or even as a diluted topical cream for different skin breakouts.

Most mood-enhancing essential oils

are used in aromatherapy for mental fatigue, stress, and anxiety.

If physical uses are the focus of your needs,

then using essential oils that help with rashes or acne problems

would be more beneficial.

It is important to use the proper essential oil

or you may find yourself frustrated from inactivity.

Before choosing an essential oil that is perfect for you,

doing research and reading articles

related to several essential oils will help you decide.

Some essential oils are better as mood enhancers.

If you suffer from depression or low self-esteem,

certain essential oils will properly help lift your spirits

and increase your mood so that you can be more active during the day.

You can also ask a professional or qualified consultant to help you choose.

A professional can help you choose which essential oil

will quickly help your condition with the best efficiency.

After you choose an essential oil it is important to test it prior to using it.

Essential oils should never be applied without testing a small area of the skin.

The oils should also never be used without first diluting the extract.

Essential oils are potent,

so using them on the skin without diluting them can cause a rash or burn.

Conversely, dilute a small drop in a few milliliters of vegetable oil.

Spread the essential oil cream on a small area of your skin

and observe for twenty-four hours.

If your skin becomes irritated or red, then you may be allergic to that specific oil.

Use this method even before burning essential oils for aromatherapy.

After checking for allergies,

it is time to use the essential oils.

There are several different methods that you can use.

Below is a list of ways to inhale or apply the essential oils

for the different therapeutic effects.

It is important to use them the way they are intended for the best benefits.


A diffuser will allow you to inhale the essential oils.

Put a few drops of essential oils into the diffuser with water.

Some essential oils can be used just with the heat,

so make sure to read the directions.

A diffuser will evaporate the essential oils into the air,

and most come with a timer so that they can be used while sleeping.

Dry Evaporation

Dry evaporation is a more simple way to inhale the essential oils.

You can place a few drops on a cotton swab

or tissue and allow it to evaporate into the air.

If you need a quick, strong scent

inhale the fragrance directly from the cotton swap.

For a less potent effect,

allow the essential oils to evaporate on the tissue or cotton swab

and leave it in the general vicinity of where you will remain for about an hour.


Steam is a simple way to inhale the essential oil aroma.

Place a few drops into a steaming bowl of water.

The oils will quickly vaporize into the air.

Place a towel over your head and place your head close to the steam and inhale.

The fresh fragrance of the essential oils will penetrate your senses and help you feel refreshed.


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