Healthy Snacks For Losing Weight


Great Healthy Snacks For Losing Weight

Have you ever accidentally snacked your way

through a whole jar, can or a pack of something?

It’s easy to do.

You feel like a snack as you watch television

and you unconsciously polish off the whole lot.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

There are healthy snacks for you to choose from,

and you can still enjoy a snack without worrying about weight gain.

Luckily, we have put together a list of great healthy snacks

for losing weight. Check them out.

• Almonds

Nuts are a delicious, healthy snack.

The risk with nuts is that they are high in fat.

So, it’s important that you portion them out

to ensure your snack is the appropriate size.

You can also mix raisins in there to make it a bit more exciting.

An ounce of almonds can count as a snack

and this contains 164 calories.

• Frozen Grapes

For a fruit, grapes are high in sugar.

However, if you have a serious sweet tooth,

then grapes might be the answer you’ve been searching for.

A cup contains 100 calories.

So, separate your bunches into separate portion bags and freeze them.

You have a handy snack that provides you

with the sweet satisfaction you want, without the extra calories.

• Chickpeas

They make a great addition to any meal,

but they’re also an excellent snack.

That doesn’t mean you have to whip them into hummus.

You can also coat them in flavor and roast them

to make your own crunchy snack!

There are only 100 calories in half a cup,

but with that, you get 5 g of protein and another 5 g of fiber. Incredible.

• Grapefruit

In one whole grapefruit,

you get the benefit of 4 g of fiber and only 100 calories.

It also delivers as much vitamin C as a woman needs for the day.

So, this one piece of fruit packs a hefty punch of nutrition and flavor.

It’s a great snack to eat between meals.

• Popcorn

High in fiber, contains protein, and it’s delicious!

Three cups of air-popped popcorn

contain just 110 calories, 4 g of protein, and 4 g of fiber.

This makes it the perfect snack to keep you full.

You can get fancy with your seasonings, too.

• Yogurt

Plain yogurt is an excellent snack.

You can add honey or fruit.

Yogurt delivers a healthy dose of protein, fiber, and probiotics.

• Hummus

We mentioned hummus earlier when we covered chickpeas.

It’s an important enough snack to get its own mention.

It’s so easy to make, too.

A serving is 2 tablespoons,

but when you scoop it with celery and carrot sticks,

you have yourself an excellent snack!

• Oatmeal

This complex carbohydrate will maintain a sense of fullness,

but it won’t spike your blood sugar.

It’s also an excellent source of fiber.

It isn’t just a breakfast snack either.

You can have oatmeal whenever you want!

• Chocolate

Just because you’re trying to lose weight

doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy chocolate!

Just like you can enjoy a glass of wine,

so too can you enjoy chocolate.

The key is doing so in moderation

and it should always fit into your daily calorie count.

The same goes for wine.

• Dried Fruit

Look for dried fruit options that don’t contain sugar or sweeteners

as dried fruit is often high in natural sugars.

They’re a handy snack since you can take them with you wherever you go.

Pair it with a handful of nuts for the perfect balance of protein and carbs.



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