5 Common Mistakes Interfering with Your Happiness


How we feel and control our emotions has a direct correlation to the way we live.

It can determine whether you live a full, happy, and successful life.

Being mad or depressed can lead you to make wrong decisions that you may regret over time which is why most strive to find happiness.

However, most people are interfering with their happiness and look in all the wrong places.

Here are five common mistakes interfering with your happiness and how you can fix it:

Focusing on The Needs of Others More

Often people tend to put their needs on the back burner and focus on their loved ones’ needs more.

While you may feel happy when doing this, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak up and have your needs met too.

You must take care of yourself first before you can adequately take care of others.

Also, it is essential to note that the only person responsible for your happiness is you.

If you think a new friendship or significant other is all you finally need to be happy, you will likely be disappointed.

Looking at others and putting all the responsibility on them to make you happy is just not fruitful.

Don’t put that pressure on yourself or others.

Suppressing Feelings

Pushing away your feelings or ignoring them will lead you to unfavourable or unhealthy experiences.

Experiencing your emotions fully –

whether sad or mad –

is not usually harmful or should be avoided, just because they don’t feel good.

It is your body and mind sending you a message that you may not fully be aware of.

If certain situations make you feel uncomfortable every single time, then it’s probably healthier to keep it out of your life.

Embrace the feelings so you can learn, grow, and develop more.

Be honest with how you feel, so those around you, as well as yourself, know who you truly are.

You’ll be less likely to be in uncomfortable situations and will always be around people and things you love and make you happy when you’re honest.

Not Fully Understanding what happiness really is

Happiness is an emotional state and is not constant; just like how anger or irritability is usually temporary, so is happiness.

Happiness is not a feeling that is around non-stop, even if you accomplish your goals.

Stop chasing it and realize that it is up to you– in this very moment – to choose to be happy.

Waiting until you get a job promotion, new significant other, or car isn’t going to keep you happy.

Instead, it gives you a moment of pleasure.

Pleasure doesn’t always equal happiness.

Constantly chasing this idea that someone or something else will make you happy will become a never-ending cycle.

Move away from this cycle and look within yourself to find happiness.

Fearing Failure and Change

Amazing people and experiences can come from things that are different and even scary.

Just because you don’t know something or may be uncomfortable for a moment doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least try.

Remember, happiness isn’t constant, and having a little anxiety isn’t always bad.

It’s a great reminder that you are imperfect, just like everyone else, and that is the beauty of experiencing life and growing as an individual.

Set Crazy Expectations

If you are struggling to find happiness, look at the expectations you are setting for yourself.

They are likely crazy high and unrealistic.

Unfortunately, the way society bombards us with expectations makes us think we must meet those expectations to be happy.

In fact, you don’t need any of it but yourself.

Try taking away these expectations and enjoy what life throws at you and see how it can change the way you feel and outlook on life.

At the end of the day, you are the only one in the way of finding happiness.

Break away from the status quo, and you will unlock the secret to a life full of happiness.


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