Tips on Quitting Smoking


Tips on Quitting Smoking for Anti-Aging Benefits

It is no secret that smoking cigarettes is bad for your health.

There have been warnings from the Surgeon General’s office for decades now warning us of the health consequences of smoking.

Cancer and lung disease, among other things, are some of the negative effects of smoking,

and they can be clearly seen printed on the packs of cigarettes that are available at stores nationwide.

What is not as widely spoken about, however,

is the negative effects that smoking can have on our appearance.

Not only does the nicotine from cigarettes stain our teeth yellow,

but the fact that smoking actually causes our blood vessels to constrict and decrease blood flow

can contribute to wrinkles and other issues further on down the line.

Not only is smoking dangerous for our health,

but it is also dangerous for our appearance.

It can make us smell unappealing to others,

Reduce our circulation,

Contribute to the fast development of wrinkles,

Make our teeth look bad,

and cause diseases like

Heart disease,

Lung disease,


Eye diseases,


and other varied respiratory problems.

There is also the issue that smoking can make our muscles fatigue more easily,

so getting the exercise that is recommended to improve our circulation and maintain muscle mass

as we grow older is far more difficult if we have a nicotine addiction.

There are so many health concerns related to smoking that it is difficult to justify continuing!

However, quitting smoking is easier said than done,

but there are a few tricks that we can use to help ourselves to stay on track.

First, remember that you don’t actually need to smoke.

Quitting smoking is difficult because we can talk ourselves into the mindset that we need a cigarette.

But truthfully, it is just physical addiction talking,

along with a difficulty in dealing with stressors in our daily lives.

Finding other ways to cope with stress can be very effective in helping us to quit smoking once and for all.

Another thing that helps is to find distractions.

It only takes a few weeks of not smoking before you physically kick the habit.

You can try and utilize your time by doing things that are enjoyable and personal to you

so that when you suffer from irritability, you are not taking things out on others.

Things such as taking walks,

Being active,


Writing, or

Playing games

can be a great way to keep your mind occupied while trying to quit smoking.

One final but very helpful tip is to have something handy to keep your hands busy

or to put in your mouth when you are craving the physical sensation of a cigarette.

By this, we’re not talking about vaping or electronic cigarettes.

Rather, try something a little different.

Mints, healthy candies, or even stress balls can work wonders!

It is also helpful for some to use straws with a little piece of cotton inside to emulate smoking without actually smoking.

Whatever the case, try to implement these tips today to help you to live your healthiest life

and avoid speeding up the signs of aging once and for all!

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