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If you feel sluggish during that mid-afternoon meeting, or have trouble staying alert during the day, or just feel exhausted, you’re not alone!

We seem to live in the age of the chronically tired.

People are working longer hours, commuting longer distances, and trying to fit everything into the same 24-hour day, they’ve always had.

In addition, stress is keeping people up at night, adding to the exhaustion. And without time to exercise, it’s difficult to feel the “right” kind of tired – the kind where you fall into bed and immediately fall into a deep, and refreshing sleep.

But before you reach for that 4th cup of coffee, or take a swig of an energy drink, try one of these natural ways to get more energy – naturally.

Tired? Here are the best herbs to help you banish fatigue:
Herbs are a good option to help you regain your energy because some plants are “adaptogens”, meaning they help the body handle stress by regulating the adrenal system. They don’t target any single part of your body, rather they help your entire body cope with fatigue and get back on track.

1. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is one of the most important herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. I

t stabilizes mood, improves focus, endurance, and memory.

It’s an adaptogen which means it helps the body regulate the effects of stress.


2. Rhodiola

Rhodiola has been found to be an effective mood enhancer and alleviates the feelings of depression.

Studies haven’t determined actually how the herb works, but it’s believed that it affects the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body.

Rhodiola is very familiar in Asia and Scandinavia, but is relatively new to the U.S.

However, its popularity is increasing because it produces results in people who want to have more energy.


3. Holy Basil

Like Ashwagandha, this herb comes to us by way of the ancient Indian tradition of Ayurvedic medicine.

It’s been used to treat stress, inflammation, digestive problems, and headaches.

It’s a powerful antioxidant that helps keep blood sugar levels stable.


4. Green Tea

Caffeine is the first thing most people reach for when they feel a slump coming on and they need to soldier on.

Replace your energy drink with a cup of green tea, and you’ll not only get a jolt of caffeine, but you’ll reap the benefits of the powerful antioxidants it contains.


In addition, if you have trouble sleeping, there are several herbal teas that produce sedating effects which will relax you and help you fall asleep. These include peppermint, chamomile, valerian root, and lavender.

Adding these herbs to your diet, will help you increase your energy levels, however, if you find that you still need a little more energy, consider making a few changes to your routine.

Switching up your diet by including healthier options, and adding more physical activity to your day, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep will also fight fatigue and lack of energy.

If none of the methods work, then it’s time to consult your doctor. Low energy can be a symptom of other conditions, including thyroid problems, anemia, or depression.

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