Superfoods That Will Heal Your Body




Superfoods to Heal Your Body


There is a plethora of information out there on superfoods,

so it can be confusing to know where to start.

Here is a list of the top 20 superfoods that will work to heal your body

from the damages of a toxic diet

and put you on the path to a healthier and happier lifestyle.




When it comes to improving your immune system,

blackberries are incredibly effective due to their rich nutrient content.

With their extremely high vitamin C and vitamin K levels,

blackberries speed up wound recovery, strengthen tissues, and regulate blood clotting.

Low in carbs and fats but very high in protein,

blackberries are definitely among the most nutritious foods out there,

not to mention the tastiest.

As a simple snack, all you have to do is wash them off and eat away.

A half-cup will give you all the benefits you need.



Speaking of vitamins C and K,

cranberries are also packed full of these effective and helpful vitamins.

These delicious red berries do more than just boost your immune system.

Their components work as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory,

plus contain many essential anti-cancer properties.

A half-cup of these delicious fruits will go a long way

toward giving you the nutrients your body deserves.




With raspberries, you have a powerful antioxidant

due to their being full of vitamin C and ellagic acid.

These berries also boast a high amount of anti-inflammatory properties,

making them an important part of any superfood diet.

Like with the other berries on this list,

a half cup will be sufficient to give you these benefits

and will also serve as a very tasty snack.




Blueberries are known as an antioxidant superfood

that not only has vitamin C but is high in potassium and even phytoflavinoids.

Eating blueberries daily has been shown to have a dramatic effect on your skin

by helping to reduce lines and wrinkles.

Research suggests they also reduce a type of cardiovascular disease

and even ward off cancer.

It’s recommended that ½ to 1 cup is eaten every day for its full benefits.

Note: Cultivated blueberries are the typical ones you buy in the grocery store.

Whenever possible, buy wild blueberries (usually found in the frozen food section).

They have double the antioxidant power as cultivated.



Limes are beneficial for more than just adding flavor to various foods and drinks.

The same flavonoids that give limes their unique flavor also provide a wide range of antioxidant and anti-cancer benefits, plus combat free radicals.

Limes are also packed full of vitamin C.

Since limes are very sour, just one lime will do for a serving.

Even with just one per week, you will receive incredible benefits,

making limes one of the top superfoods on this list.

Black Beans


When it comes to providing a plethora of benefits, black beans really stand out.

Containing both phosphorous and iron,

black beans help maintain bone structure and maintain the strength and elasticity of the bones as well.

The protein contained in these beans makes for healthy mucous membranes

and vitamin B1 aids the body in breaking down fat.

Needless to say, a quarter cup of black beans will do your body right.



You may not think of rhubarb as being in anything other than pies,

but its ultra-high vitamin K level puts it firmly in the superfood category.

Vitamin K plays a major role in brain health

and also greatly aids neuronal health.

Plus, at just 11 calories per serving,

rhubarb distinguishes itself as a healthy and incredibly effective superfood.

Kidney Beans


When it comes to kidney beans, the main beneficial aspects

are their frolic acid and their phosphorus.

With phosphorous being vital for cellular regulation

and the frolic acid providing help in preventing cancer-causing DNA mutations

and also assisting in cellular health,

kidney beans come packed with many benefits.

With just a half-cup serving, your body will absorb multiple benefits.



Lentils have the vitamin B1 that will aid your body in converting blood sugar into energy.

Another aspect that really puts lentils at the top of the superfoods chain

is their high level of lean protein.

A quarter cup of lentils in the recipe of your choice

will give you an extra boost of energy

as well as a dose of healthy protein

that will allow your body to function at a truly high level.


 Asparagus Spears


Asparagus is full of essentials such as vitamin K and folic acid,

providing the bodily benefits connected to each.

What really sets asparagus apart from the other superfoods

on this list is the addition of chromium.

This trace mineral works to enhance insulin’s ability

to transport glucose to the cells from the bloodstream.

In addition, asparagus brings another essential to the table: fiber.

Fiber greatly aids digestion and the body’s ability to properly absorb nutrients.

Asparagus spears can be eaten raw,

and just four spears per day will give you

all the benefits to be had from this essential superfood.

Brussels sprouts


You may have always heard that you should eat your brussels sprouts,

but if you’ve ignored this then you have been depriving your body of some amazing benefits.

Consistently rated as one of the top superfoods,

brussels sprouts are bursting at the seams with essential vitamins such as C and K.

If it’s fiber you’re after, you can certainly find it here as well.

One of the main benefits of brussels sprouts is their lowering of cholesterol.

When consumed regularly, these beneficial sprouts

can even significantly eliminate harmful cholesterol.

All you need is one sprout per serving and

there are many delicious ways to prepare them.

As a side dish to the main meal, brussels sprouts will have you well on your way to a healthier diet.



When it comes to vitamins, there is a reason that kale consistently sits at the top of the superfoods list.

You won’t find many other foods this high in essential vitamins.

The main vitamin trio in kale is A, C, and K.

Vitamin A helps out with bone growth and strength,

boosts the immune system, and even aids in reproduction.

Vitamin C is effective as a powerful antioxidant that cleans out the system,

and vitamin K regulates bone loss

and helps the body bounce back quickly from injuries.

At only 8 calories per cup serving,

Kale is truly an essential superfood that no healthy diet should be without.

Ladies’ Fingers


These refreshing pods have everything you need when it comes to a superfood.

Not only are they an incredibly rich source of vitamins C and K

but they are also full of essential minerals and fiber.

As an added bonus, ladies’ fingers contain iron, calcium, and manganese.

This puts these attractive pods firmly at the top of the superfoods list.

You just won’t find a food more packed with goodness.

Just 8 of these tiny pods in a serving will get you started right,

and they taste great so that should never be a problem.

Leafy Greens: Spinach and Swiss Chard


Leafy greens like spinach and Swiss chard are jam-packed with nutrients.

There are a plethora of nutrients including vitamins A, B, C, E, and K,

as well as fiber, copper, calcium, zinc, magnesium and so much more.

These aid in cardiovascular protection,

energy fortification,

immune system building,

boosts brain function,

amplifies night vision,

and stabilizes blood sugar.

Because there are so many nutrients you just can’t go wrong adding these to your diet.

Hint: They are wonderful in smoothies and I promise you won’t even know they are in there!



Avocados are a nutrient-dense fruit

and are actually one berry but with only a single seed.

By eating an avocado, you receive 1/3 of your daily requirement for

Vitamin K,

Vitamin B6,

Vitamin C,

Pantothenic acid,

Folate, and much more.

While bananas are great, avocados have twice the potassium.

Avocados have glutathione,

which aids in preventing many types of cancers

and kills the pre-cancerous cells that are involved with the formation of cancer.

They are also extremely healthy fat.

Chia seeds


Much like the rest of the superfoods on this list,

chia seeds also give an immense amount of nutrients.

The root word, chia, stands for “strength” in an ancient Mayan language.

Since the growth of fitness and health on social media outlets like Instagram,

chia seeds have been bursting in popularity.

A single ounce of the very small seeds only has 137 calories and only 1g of carbohydrate.

Without the protein in the chia seeds, they would only be 101 calories. Crazy!



Broccoli is a superfood rich in fiber, and antioxidants

to ward off cancer and prevent other ailments.

There is also vitamin C to help those who need to benefit from iron absorption.

There’s also beta-carotene, vitamins A and K, calcium, fiber,

and much more packed into this green.

As you can see from the list,

superfoods are not hard to track down,

complicated to consume,

or overly expensive.

These are simple plant-based foods that can be found in any supermarket,

specialty store, or fruit and vegetable cart.

All that you have to do is start incorporating these foods into your diet

while phasing out the toxic foods that you’ve been consuming.

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