How to Rid Yourself of Negative Thoughts


A positive attitude is one of the stepping-stones to success.

Everyone has a negative thought occasionally and you may be able to counteract it with a positive thought.

When negative thoughts fill your mind, it may be time to change your mindset.

But, how do you do that?

• Become aware of your thoughts.
The trick is to take control of your thinking.

Frequently ask yourself, “What am I thinking right now?”

Learn to recognize your negative thinking patterns and replace them with
realistic, positive alternatives.

• When a negative thought enters your mind

Immediately replace it with a positive thought.

Negative thought: “I can’t believe that jerk cut in front of me!

Positive thought change: “I’m not rushed and in a hurry like that guy. He must be extremely stressed.”

Negative thought: “I can’t believe the poor service at this restaurant today!”

Positive thought change: “The waitress must be having a bad day because the service is usually great here.”

• Read inspirational, positive quotes and articles.

Read about the lives of successful and happy people.

• Do things you love.

Do at least one thing every day that you enjoy doing.

• Visualize your life, as you want it to be.

Create a visual map.

When negative thoughts intrude, look at your map to remind you of what you want.
In the end, everyone has negative thoughts occasionally.

The trick is to recognize and replace them with positive thoughts immediately so you don’t dwell on the negative thoughts.

Top Tips to Cultivate a Positive Attitude

In life, there is a time and place for both negative and positive thoughts.

However, when negativity becomes a habit or begins to have adverse effects on you, it’s time to make an attitude change and cultivate a positive mindset.

Here are some top tips to help you cultivate a positive attitude:

1. Do NOT complain.

Complaining is a very negative response to any situation that drains you of energy.

2. Express gratitude every day,

Even for the small things.

Eventually, you will become grateful for everything.

3. Keep a list of things you have accomplished.

4. Let go of the people around you who are negative, critical, and abusive of you.

They drain your energy.

Instead, surround yourself with supportive, positive people.

5. Help others.

Volunteer occasionally.

6. Learn to meditate daily.

Even a 10-minute meditation first thing in the morning will help you start your day with a positive thought.

7. Let go of envy.

Envy is a very negative emotion.

It eats at you, pointing to the faults we see in ourselves.
8. Be kind and smile at others.

9. Choose to be happy.

Happiness is a choice.

When a negative thought enters your mind, push it out quickly.

Substitute with a happy thought.

10. Have faith in yourself.

Believe the Universe will help you.

11. Read inspiring stories and watch inspirational movies or television shows.

12. Repeat inspiring and motivating affirmations.

13. Practice mastering your thoughts.

Access your subconscious mind.

14. Visualize what you want to happen.

Release the thoughts you don’t want to happen.

Cultivating a positive outlook takes conscious thought.

Be aware of your thoughts and the attitudes of those around you.

Once you are aware of the negative thoughts in your environment, you’ll be able to counteract them more quickly.

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