4 Easy Ways To Make Weight Loss More Fun


Weight loss mindset4 Easy Ways To Make Weight Loss More Fun

Losing weight is difficult.

Rarely is hard work fun.

The meals often feel bland and boring when it comes right down to it.

You find yourself struggling at social events because you can’t enjoy the cocktails you want to.

There’s good news.

You can make weight loss more fun, and we want to help you do it!

1. Fun Workouts

Exercise is a great way to bolster your weight loss attempts.

Unfortunately, many of us struggle to push ourselves to exercise.

That’s probably because you’re choosing boring old exercises that just aren’t fun.

Think about this, you should exercise at least four days a week.

You don’t have to do the typical exercises.

Why don’t you try kickboxing or belly dancing?

What about dancing lessons (think swing, hip hop or country, something with lots of movement) or a community sports league?

They offer a great opportunity to meet new people and stay fit.

2. The Playlist

A playlist can provide you with the energy to carry out your exercises (and chores) with a bit of vigor.

Music can provide you with pain relief and a focus.

Now, some people respond to high-energy music.

However, you may prefer a podcast.

The point is to use a tool to make exercise more fun.

Think of the upbeat pop songs that you can’t resist singing along to.

Those are the songs that should fill your workout playlist.

You can also blast them while doing housework.

Time flies when you’re having fun.

3. Plan Your Social Events

They’re the biggest tripping point.

If you’re going to experience difficulty at any point in your weight loss journey, it’s definitely going to be at social events.

Before you go, make sure you eat a healthy, filling meal.

This will help you resist the temptations and you can snack on the fruit or vegetable platters on offer.

You should always keep your own healthy snacks handy, just in case.

Now, for the temptation of alcohol.

Seltzer with a lime wedge can keep you going and you can always treat yourself to one alcoholic drink if you must.

The focus when you’re attending social events should be on the people you’re there to see.

Be a social butterfly.

You can have fun and still maintain your weight loss journey!

4. Reward Yourself

Everyone needs positive reinforcement.

For every milestone you reach, you should reward yourself.

Don’t use food as a reward.

The reward that you enjoy should not be something that negatively impacts your weight loss goal.

That includes rewards that while unrelated to food may lead you into the path of temptation.

At least, until you feel strong enough to resist these temptations.

So, think about things you want or love to do.

Your reward could be a trip to the salon, a day at the track, concert tickets, a massage or, it could be workout gear.

Just choose rewards that will help you maintain motivation.

Increase the cost of rewards the more intense your milestones get.

Treat yourself right!

As you embark on your weight loss journey, it’s important to focus on your why.

You need to know why you’re trying to lose weight.

This is going to help you inspire yourself when you run into trouble.

Write out a list of why you want to lose weight, whether it’s for health, vanity, or something else.

This list will keep you going.

When you find something that works for yourself, use it to your advantage!

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a drag, keep your eyes on the prize.



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