10 Ways To Get More Fiber In Your Diet

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We’ve all heard how important fiber is to a healthy diet, but if you’re looking to find ways to get more of it in yours then look no further.

Here are 10 great ways to increase your fiber intake.

1. Always Choose Whole Grains
The problem with refined grains is they’ve been so processed they have lost the majority of their nutrients and value. Always choose the whole grains. That means brown rice, oatmeal, wheat berries, barley, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, farro, millet, Bulgar wheat, and freekeh. The reason they are more nutritious is that they’re still intact and unprocessed.

2. Get Fruity
Two apples a day is a great way to score 8g of fiber a day, but you can mix it up and choose whatever fruits you like the most. The best fiber sources, though, aside from apples are bananas, pears, and strawberries (a cup).

3. Vegetables
In our bid to eat plenty of fruit, we often forget that we need lots of vegetables, too, but vegetables are an excellent source of fiber. You can enjoy them at breakfast, as snacks, and as a side dish with dinner. Sweet potatoes, broccoli, and carrots are some of the greatest sources, but two cups of spinach could serve as the basis for a great salad to throw in more vegetables (and even some beans). Don’t try to cram your daily vegetable intake into one meal, space them throughout your day.

4. Chia Seeds
Chia seeds are a fantastic source of fiber and they are incredibly versatile, too. Just one ounce contains 11g of fiber and they are packed with nutrients and antioxidants as well. They’re great for the health of your stomach and turn to gel in water. You can sprinkle them in your cereal or add them to your smoothies.

5. Beans
Of all the plant-based foods, beans are one of the most fibrous. Of course, you also get the benefit of protein while you’re at it. You can enjoy them as a side dish; throw them in soup, stews, and more. In just one cup of black beans, you will get 15g of fiber – wow. Just a quarter cup of chickpeas (or kidney beans) is good for an extra 5g of fiber, too, and both are delicious in salads.

6. The Avocado
This healthy fat is also particularly fibrous – so fibrous that it contains 5g in just one half!

7. Berries
Nature’s candy is the answer to almost every diet conundrum you’re faced with and that includes fiber! One cup (of blackberries or raspberries) is equal to 8g of fiber and at half the count, you have strawberries and blueberries. You can eat them on their own or enjoy in your cereal, with yogurt, or in a smoothie with those chia seeds.

8. Skins On
If you are guilty of peeling the skins from your fruits and vegetables, you can stop right now! The peels and skins are where the majority of the fiber count is, so provided you wash your produce well you can safely enjoy the skins.

9. Supplement
The healthiest way to get your fiber is from the food you eat, but if your intake is particularly low, you may want to consider a supplement. There are plenty available, though options like Glucomannan, Guar, and Psyllium are considered the most effective.

10. Have Cereal For Breakfast
That doesn’t mean a sugary breakfast cereal, though, find an unsweetened, whole grain cereal that you enjoy and run with it. You can jazz it up with chunks of fruit. The ideal fiber count you are looking for is 4g per serving. Bran flakes are always a great choice.

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