Weight Cycling?

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Weight Cycling:

When You Lose Weight… And Gain It All Back Again

Science-Based Weight Loss System for Women BREAKS Weight Loss-Weight Gain Cycle

According to science, most people who have lost weight will regain all of it, or more, in a year or two.


But does this really spell doom for every woman out there who wants to lose weight?


Hilde van den Berg has been a fitness professional for the past 15+ years and she has been a witness to just about every single weight loss journey there is and she can assure you that it is possible to win the battle against the bulge not just for a few weeks… but for good.


Ok, so… HOW?

Here is what Hilde van den Berg has to say  

#1 – Follow a weight loss system for the FEMALE body.

The first thing I ask of you is to acknowledge that the female body is unique.

You gain weight differently, store fat differently, use energy differently… your whole body is structured differently.

This is why it completely baffles me why women would ever try a ‘generic’ weight loss solution.

When someone asks me why I think they’re not losing weight despite all the ‘calorie counting’ and ‘gym hour killing’…

I always ask them first if they’re sure the ‘diet’ they’re following takes their body structure, hormones, etc. into consideration. (I normally get a blank stare when I ask this question.)

Let me put this into perspective… you wouldn’t put petrol in a diesel car, right? The fit is just not right.

If you want to lose weight fast and for good, you should follow a program designed specifically for your body.

#2 – Follow a weight loss system that’s NOT STATIC.

Life is not static and neither is your body.

Weight changes, whether you gain it or lose it, changes your metabolic rate.

What does this mean? Here’s a quick example…

“Diet A,” tells you to cut calories by “X amount” to lose 10 pounds. Pretty straight-forward right?

However, studies show that once you lose the first, say 1-3 pounds, cutting calories exactly by “X amount” will probably not work anymore.


Your body has changed, including its ‘energy-burning’ capacity.

You just can’t use the same weight loss rule over and over when your body has already changed.

So now you’re stuck.

You’re not losing weight.

You’re frustrated.

You stop.

And as science shows, your body will most likely regain whatever you lost.

Most diets fail because they don’t evolve with you.

Let me repeat that… diets are the ones that fail you, not the other way around.

So to lose weight successfully and to break this cycle of weight loss and weight regain, you need a program that’s flexible.

My BeFinallyFit (BFF) system ADAPTS to the changes you’re experiencing while you’re on my weight loss program.

You can click here if you want to watch a short video describing my system.

#3 – Follow a weight loss system that’s WRITTEN IN PLAIN ENGLISH.

In my discussions with clients, one of the things they truly appreciate about BeFinallyFit is that they easily get it.

And because BFF is simple to understand, and simple to follow, they can just go dive in and get what they want: RESULTS.

Don’t get me wrong, BFF is science-based (and I listed down all the scientific sources for my system, so if anyone wants to take a look, it’s here) but BFF has been laid out in such a way that there’s no need for guesswork on your part.

“Eat 70 grams of protein per day.”
“Split your macros to 30/30/40.”
“When it comes to physical activity, do HIIT, or LISS, or circuit training, or cross-training, etc.”

What do all of these even mean?!?

It feels like in order to lose weight, you need to study for an exam or something!

Well, don’t worry.

BeFinallyFit is not confusing.

It’s an easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow, weight loss system that un-complicates weight loss for you.

Now you’re probably thinking, all this is well and good but how much weight can you lose with BeFinallyFit?

BFF clients lose anywhere from 8-25 pounds of unwanted body fat on my 28-day system.

It’s made up of four phases.

  • Jumpstart Phase (Days 1-3)
  • Body Recalibrate Phase (Days 4-7)
  • Blast Fat Phase (Days 8-14)
  • BeFinallyFit Phase (Days 15-28)

The Jumpstart Phase lays the right foundation for weight loss.

(Other programs skip this phase and that’s why many of them fail.)

The Body Recalibrate Phase regulates your sugar levels and hormones to prime it for fat loss.

The Blast Fat Phase focuses on your body’s fat mobilization capabilities.

And lastly, the BeFinallyFit Phase not only pushes further fat loss, it also introduces certain routines that will enable you to stay fit for life.

Melt 1 Pound of Body Fat Every 72 Hours

Completely RE-SHAPE Your Face & Body

Kick Cravings and Belly Bloat to the Curb

Maintain Weight Loss for Life

Exclusive for Women, Science-Backed

4 Phases. 28 Days. Up to 25 Pounds of Unwanted Body Fat Lost.
A Slimmer Face. A Trimmer Waist. A Fitter Body. A Healthier You.

If this is what you want… then

Click here and get the BeFinallyFit system.


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