Simple Ways You Can Give Your Body Energy

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Your body is constantly burning calories.

Even when you are simply resting, there are processes at work that require energy.

And energy is created when your body effectively converts the food you eat.

This means when your metabolism is running high, you are creating energy.

And one of the best ways to boost your metabolism is to get a little exercise.

You do not have to run the Boston Marathon to give your body an energy boost.

Even just 5 or 10 or minutes of exercise, with or without equipment, can revitalize you.

The best type of exercise for energy? Cardio and aerobic are the way to go.

Scheduling 3 or 4 heart-pumping exercise sessions of 20 minutes every week will effectively boost your metabolism, help you process foods and fats better, and deliver the energy you need to handle your hectic lifestyle.

The side benefit?

You look great and pump up your self-esteem in the process.

And remember, when you push yourself your body strengthens.

This produces higher and higher levels of energy, so make sure your workouts require some effort on your part.

But what if you spend 50 or 60 hours a week in an office or work cubicle?

You can still schedule time throughout the day to get a few minutes of revitalizing cardio.

Your energy levels will stay high, and you will probably even see an increase in productivity.

That means you will compare favourably to your coworkers.

Run in place, perform some stretching exercises, do a set of deep knee bends or hit a flight of stairs.

Keep a portable peddle exerciser underneath your desk, and peddle to your heart’s content.

These are simple cardiovascular boosting exercises you can do just about anywhere.

You can also reach for high carbohydrate, high-fibre foods.

Complex carbohydrates like whole grain crackers, combined with protein from peanut butter or a low-fat cheese, are digested more slowly than simple carbohydrates. This boosts your blood glucose level over a longer period of time, and means you get a consistent energy delivery rather than a spike and crash from artificial sugars.

Simply getting out of your chair and moving is another quick fix energy booster. Whether at home or work, sitting for an extended period of time negatively impacts your body’s circulatory system.

Oxygen is not delivered effectively, and the result is a tired, worn out energy-sapped feeling.

Get up and move, even if it is just for 5 or 10 minutes.

Seriously pressed for time?

Spend just 3 minutes meditating.

This simple energizer calms and replenishes you. It also allows you to focus much better, and distraction is a huge energy drain.

And whenever you can, surround yourself with positive, upbeat people.

Many health experts believe that stress is the biggest energy drain you experience.

Hanging around with negative people that create stress in your life is a quick way to sap your energy.


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