Let’s eat! Keto 90 meal plan

Following a Keto 90 meal plan doesn’t mean you can’t eat what you want, but being mindful about what you eat will allow you to develop healthy habits!


The Keto 90 meal plans focus on three things:

  1. Natural, healthy fats
  2. Protein
  3. Vegetables

Healthy fats are one of the main components of a Keto 90 meal plan.

Full fat products and foods are best.

Dairy products are a great source of healthy fat, including Youngevity Organic Salted Butter, half and half, milk, and either yogurt or cottage cheese.

Raw nuts, like almonds, brazil nuts, and pecans, can also provide the fat you need.

Proteins are another important part of the meal plan.

Most of the approved protein sources are animal-based, since plant-based proteins rely heavily on carbohydrates.

When purchasing meats, look for ones that are organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised, and raised without antibiotics or hormones.

Vegetables, especially ones that are bitter, green, dense, and leafy, are preferred.

These types of vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals, and are low in sugar and carbohydrates.

Avoid sweet vegetables and sweet, ripe fruit, as they contain more sugar.

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